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Treatment for Alcohol Problems: Finding and Getting Help National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism NIAAA

These nonprofit organizations also provide support to people living with drug and alcohol addiction, raise awareness and advocate for supportive legislation. In many states, insurance companies and Medicaid now cover “telehealth” services. They can be particularly useful in locations with few addiction health professionals. There are even accredited, all-telehealth alcohol treatment programs.

Which psychotherapy is most effective for addiction?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): CBT is a one-on-one therapy during which you meet privately with a therapist over a period of time. It's often considered the most effective therapy for drug and alcohol use disorders.

They typically work closely with other members of the inpatient staff, so they can address problems quickly. In some cases, they may learn about other aspects of your treatment through other staff members who are coordinating your care, so your treatment may be more thorough. Outpatient clinics have counselors who schedule appointments with you on a specific 5 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Sober Living House schedule, which could be once a week, once every two days, or once every two weeks, depending on the degree of addiction and your treatment plan. An outpatient counselor may not have as full a picture of your addiction as an inpatient counselor would. Online addiction counseling also provides therapy access for people living in remote or rural areas.

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If you are in search low-cost or free drug rehabs, there are other resources available for individuals who want to stop using drug or alcohol but cannot afford the cost of treatment. Frequent use of drugs and/or alcohol can result in physical dependence. When an individual stops using drugs and/or alcohol abruptly, they often experience severe withdrawal symptoms. Our inpatient detoxification program ensures safe withdrawal while beginning the recovery process. Quitting alcohol can significantly reduce anxiety levels for many people, including ‘hangxiety’. Drinking alcohol can cause a chemical imbalance in the brain and hyperactivity in the nervous system, leading to increased anxiety.

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Psychiatric services are also available, and patients can receive collaborative care, which is coordinated by a primary care physician. There are other types of addiction therapists in addition to psychologists who might be helpful, including social workers and licensed professional counselors. Social workers may have their master’s or doctorate, while licensed professional counselors may have only a master’s-level education, though both are trained in mental health issues to varying degrees.

Recovery Advocacy

Gateway Rehab is committed to providing safe and quality recovery treatment for patients at facilities throughout Western Pennsylvania. Our philosophy of care at all of our locations is to treat the whole person using a holistic approach. By addressing the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual implications of addiction, we can increase every patient’s likelihood of sustained recovery and overall well-being. The Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies sets the standard in quality and convenience by offering master’s degree programs that prepare you for a career as an addiction and mental health counselor. Figuring out your insurance coverage and benefits for substance abuse treatment can be challenging. Our experienced staff is skilled at working with all types of insurance plans and companies and can guide you in accessing the maximum benefits available.

alcohol counseling near me

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